civil position

Konstantin Klimenko has already formed as a true patriot pressnytt a man with inexhaustible behnamsport energy and a principled civic position. He always shows social activity, tries to help people in difficult times.

Pavel Medvedev, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation in five convocations.

Social activities of Konstantin Petrovich Klimenko
Konstantin Klimenko is the Rector of the Eurasian International University, Chairman of the Council for International Humanitarian Cooperation and Public Diplomacy. The university was founded on the personal initiative of Konstantin Klimenko. The project was supported by State Duma deputies, senators, well-known public figures. The author has been developing this project for about five years. At first he studied the activities of other educational institutions. He taught at the Moscow International Academy, the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

And already taking into account the experience gained, he began the implementation of a project to create a new university. Under the leadership of Konstantin Klimenko, an educational institution of a new type is being formed. Here, teaching staff and students are members of the same social ecosystem. The university not only trains highly professional specialists for the CIS countries, but also becomes a school of civic development, forms passionate personalities from young people. A new Eurasian elite is really being formed here.

With the active participation of the rector, the university introduces forms of feedback from teachers and students, social partnership, transparency in the activities of the administration and the educational process, and the development of university public self-government.